Pharmaceutical System Solutions


Chemroy is a distributor of GMP Compliant excipients for applications serving the Canadian and US pharmaceutical markets.

Our extensive portfolio includes granulation binders, coating ingredients, controlled release and hardness improvement excipients, most of which, meet all the global pharmacopeia standards.

Manufactured by trusted suppliers and renowned for its quality, our excipients are available in Canada and the US to ensure our customers have access to the highest quality specialty products for their applications.

Whether you’re looking to browse our comprehensive product portfolio or get expert technical advice from our Experts in Excipients, Chemroy can help take your project from the beginning stages of formulating to its completion! 

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 What our Pharmaceutical Industry Offers: 

  • Direct Compression
  • Wet/ Dry granulation binders
  • Coating Ingredients
  • Controlled Release
  • Hardness Improvement Excipients


Nutraceutical System Solutions


Chemroy provides nutraceutical system solutions for applications in natural health products, sports nutrition and tablet production. We offer an extensive portfolio of raw materials and innovative
science-based ingredients for the Nutraceutical industry.

Chemroy’s specialty ingredients are NHDP/Health Canada approved and are available across Canada, the US and globally. Our network of strategic global partnerships enables us to be the trusted system solutions provider of choice to many leading natural health, sports nutrition and pharmaceutical companies.

Our team is committed to your success, offering a broad portfolio of innovative, cost-effective materials and expert technical knowledge to enhance your formulations and innovations and further propel the industry we serve. 

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 What our Nutraceutical Industry Offers:  

  • Antioxidants
  • Excipients
  • Flavours and Sweeteners
  • Flow Agents
  • Non-Dairy Creamers and Powders
  • Proteins
  • Vitamins and Minerals