Ink System Solutions


Chemroy is a distributor of ink system solution specialty ingredients, serving the printing industry. Our raw materials are used in applications for plastic films, paper, foils, plastic and metal packaging and our portfolio offers a broad spectrum of pigments, resins, biocides, additives, modifiers and lab testing equipment available nationwide to ensure our customers always have access to the highest quality specialty additives for their projects.

Our customer’s satisfaction has been our priority for over 50 years and we’ve made it our mission to ensure our system solution additives provide top application results to solve formulation challenges and further advance the Industry we serve.

Whether you’re looking to browse our comprehensive product portfolio or get expert technical knowledge in pigments, additives, resins and modifiers. Our team is up-to-date on product developments and inventive designs in the Inks industry and ready to work with you, to take your project to completion.  

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What our Inks Industry Offers: 

  • Resins for Inks

  • Additives and Modifiers

  • Biocides

  • Pigments

  • Lab and Testing Equipment